Why Insurance Companies Discourage You From Hiring A Lawyer?

You should know why insurers don’t want you to have a lawyer. Someinjury lawyer have worked for insurance companies as a young attorney. They’ve witnessed the legal tactics used by the insurance companies. It’s given them a deep understanding of how these companies try to limit the money they have to pay to the claimant. Now working as a personal injury attorney,they use that experience to help their clients claim the right amount of money from the insurance companies. It’s not an easy task and you’re going to need the services of a competent and experienced lawyer specializing in the field of personal injury laws. The lawyer must have good knowledge of the legal tactics insurance companies use to deny or reduce the claim payments.

Studies show that insurance companies have to pay more money if the claimant hires an preparing for car accident court. Being aware of this fact,your insurance provider’s representative will discourage you from hiring a lawyer. The person will brand such legal services as unnecessary and such attorneys as greedy. It’s true that some attorneys don’t follow the highest ethical standards of their profession. However,it’s not the norm and it has nothing to do with this type of case. You do need a lawyer to properly represent your case,fill your claim forms,collect and submit supporting documents,and negotiate professionally.

Keep in mind that the insurance adjuster’s main goal is to make money and not to help you out from such a difficult situation. They get to keep their job and make money only if they can reduce the amount of claim money. The adjuster will try to get you sign medical authorization and record statements as instructed. While it’s a standard procedure,be on alert what you say and how your comments are worded in the documents you sign. Accepting your fault or indicating you’re not that hurt can go against you. The insurance adjusters are trained negotiators and have experience in these tricks while you’re new to the legal field and completely unaware of such tactics. Contact a personal injury law firmimmediately if you need any help for your personal injury case.

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